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Before and After Smile Makeovers

Could you benefit from a smile makeover?

Do you have old or stained teeth that show when you smile?

Do you have teeth that are not aligned correctly?

Do you have any teeth that are badly shaped or you feel are unsightly?

Do you have any missing teeth that you would like replaced?

If the answer is 'YES' to any of these questions you could benefit from a Dream Smile Makeover just pre-book your consultation today!

..invest in your confidence today!

At West Malling Dental, we’re delighted to be able to offer you the gentlest range of contemporary treatments to improve your confidence in your smile no matter what your concern...

...we’re also delighted to be able to provide you with a professional portrait (Hollywood here you come!) by our in house Photographer/Film maker- in exchange for your image featuring on our website etc.!

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Treatment Plan

The procedure is usually in two parts. After the initial consultation, we will make study models of your teeth and take photographs of your teeth and smile. From this we can then create a diagnostic blueprint of how your custom-made porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants or bridges will look.

The second part of the procedure is to prepare the teeth for these restorations , and fit provisional restorations until the your final appointment where we will fit the custom made smile!

Smile makeover possibilities include...

Dental Veneers

Porcelain / Composite Veneers

These ultra-thin strong porcelain facings are the least damaging veneer option available being between 0.5mm and 1mm thick in most cases. They allow light to pass through providing a truly natural result!

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Once ensuring you are not vulnerable to sensitivity from old failing fillings or tooth decay - We take moulds then create specially constructed plastic shields that gently hug the whitening gel to your teeth over evenings worn at home. We inform you as to what improvement is realistic then we bring you back to monitor the change until you are happy with the lightening achieved. Put Your Dream Smile Voucher toward our Professional Tooth Whitening Service...claim by filling our contact form now!


Gentle Orthodontics

Receive state of the art dental orthodontics from the Head of Practice- Dr.A.B Miller.From “Invisalign” bespoke almost invisible thin clear plastic orthodontic shields, to Fixed Braces with tooth coloured porcelain fittings, to Intelligent - removable ‘Expansion type’ Braces - that create space without having to extract any teeth, Dr.Miller has over 20 years experience in remedying Smiles for all ages in his uniquely friendly and innovative way!

Tooth coloured fillings

Super Strong Resin Bonded-Tooth Coloured Fillings

Originally developed from NASA technology- these have revolutionised Dentistry over the past 25 years- they are now stronger than ever and are a non toxic replacement for the outdated amalagum filling. If you have old, earlier generation white fillings on your front teeth that have discoloured-the current materials are more resilient and discolour much less over time...

Dental implants video

Superior quality Dental Implants

We have two highly qualified dental implant experts on our team who are both thorough and excellent in this demanding area. They use the best quality titanium and subsequent reinforced porcelain crown(s) fitted on top of the healed implant(s). The results are a beautiful almost identical feeling and looking replacement to your old tooth/teeth.

* Terms and conditions - Valid for Orthodontics, Professional Tooth Whitening, Dental Implants and when receiving more than one Dental Veneer. Cannot be used if you decide to pay via our '9.9% Apr. Finance'.

Smile Design

smile design

Photos taken by George Angelidakis, DMD - courtesy of New York University.

Ever wanted to improve your smile but have no idea how it might look?.... Smile Design is your answer.

Smile Design involves creating temporary facings/veneers that can be worn for up to a week, to show you exactly what your smile could look like. Its like “test driving” your new smile to see whether you would like a Smile Makeover.

A Smile Design is created by taking impressions of your teeth along with photographs of how your smile currently looks. This would be done at the first appointment.

Prior to your second appointment a solid cast is made up of your teeth using the impressions that were originally taken. That cast is then used to create a wax 'mock-up' of what your teeth could potentially look like. This 'mock-up' is then used to create a good quality set of composite, temporary veneers or crowns in the shape of your 'new smile', looking completely natural.

At your second appointment, the temporary veneers or crowns (your “Trial Smile”) will be fitted in order for you to see and feel the difference.

This is an accurate, predictable and completely reversible way of designing a new smile.

We have an expert in this field to add to our already strong and caring team.

George Angelidakis, DMD

George Angelidakis, DMD

George has a Degree in Dental Aesthetics, training at a renowned New York University. He is rapidly gaining an excellent reputation in ‘Designing Enhanced Smiles‘ for those inspired to change their look or cosmetic dental appearance.

View the staff profile of George Angelidakis, DMD

Before dental design


After dental design


Before smile design


After smile design


Photos taken by George Angelidakis, DMD - courtesy of New York University.

Ultrathin, Reinforced Porcelaine Veneers

ultra thin veneers

At The West Malling Dental Practice , we pride ourselves in creating the best possible smile through Advanced Orthodontics, Tooth whitening and Veneers.

Veneers are precision made tough, beautiful facings bonded to the fronts of your anterior teeth to correct stubborn discolouration and or to correct the shape of your teeth.

Our technicians create these Superstrong, Superthin (0.5mm), beautiful veneers which we bond to your teeth- transforming your smile.

These ‘Ultrathin veneers’ are exceptional because they preserve the maximum amount of your teeth, and are beautifully white, yet translucent- the light passing through them is the key factor in creating the most beautiful and natural appearance...

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Faq's about Smile Makeover

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover involves using a combination of treatments, primarily dental veneers together with composite bonding, dental implants and tooth whitening to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums.

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is a thin laminate made of porcelain that is custom made and bonded to your tooth's surface. Contemporary veneers are very strong and aesthetically very pleasing.

Why would I have a Veneer?

Veneers are great for fixing problems with the shape, colour and damage that may have occurred to your front teeth over a period of time. Repairing chips, closing gaps and fixing discolouration

How long does it take to fit porcelain veneers?

In a matter of weeks we will be able to complete your smile makeover. This will include 2 to 3 appointments.

How long to porcelain veneers last?

After your treatment veneers will act like normal teeth that you should brush and floss regularly. We will give you some initial advice on how best to look after your smile and you should make sure that you visit your dentist for your routine check ups throughout the year. With this in mind veneers can last over 20 years.

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are used to improve the colour and shape of the teeth to make them appear more aesthetically pleasing. They consist of a composite resin used for tooth coloured fillings.

There is less preparation time than with conventional Porcelain Veneers, they are less evasive and they cost less, but they can be more prone to chipping and require more maintenance.

Porcelain vs Composite Veneers?

Composite resin veneers can be applied in one day and they cost less half the price of Porcelain Restoration.They do however require more maintenance and last 4 - 8 years. Porcelain Veneers rarely require maintenance, last 11-25 years, but can be more evasive on the supporting teeth. Both makeovers can produce dramatic results and the best approach and cosmetic needs of the patient need to be discussed.

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